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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

General Discipline and other regulations

Rules and regulations alone cannot make a good school; what really matters is that pupils, members of the staff and parents alike should have a spirit of loyalty and co-operation and a genuine enthusiasm to make the school the very thing it ought to be. Rules should not be regarded as something imposed mechanically from outside. Please note the following directions.

1)    Students should reach school by 9.00 a.m. class teachers will take attendance at 9.05 a.m. Student, who arrive after 9.10 a.m. will be considered absent for that day.

2)    Irregular attendance, habitual negligence of school work, dishonesty, obscenity in words or acts, misconduct or threats are sufficient reasons for dismissal.

3)    Every student shall have with him/ her the text books and note books required for the class. No books other than School books may be brought to the school.

4)    A pupil who is not, habitually clean and properly dressed in the school uniform will not be allowed to attend the classes. The students should report to the school only in their uniform.

5)    No student should leave the school premises without permission.

6)    Pupils will speak only in English in Vidyapith premises.

7)    The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of money, books, clothes etc. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles to the school. Wearing of gold ornaments in the school is strictly forbidden.

8)    Waste paper, food items, sweets or any other material should not be thrown around, but should be deposited in the bins provided for the purpose.

9)    School property should be carefully handled and any damage caused is to be made good at the cost of the responsible party.

10)  Earnest attempt should be made to keep the school clean. Pupils are strictly forbidden from writing or making marks on the walls or furniture or dropping ink on the floor.

11)  Respect to teachers and elders should be given at all times. Every student must politely wish the teachers on the occasion of his/ her first meeting them in the day.

12)  No shouting, whistling or running about in the school building is allowed. It is strictly forbidden to throw anything at another person.

13)  Only High School students are allowed to wear wrist watches in school premises.

14)  All payments should be made direct to the school office and parents are requested to keep all the receipts issued to them. They may have to produce them if required to do so.

15)  Devotional sessions, moral and Christian instruction classes form an integral part of the Vidyapith Curriculum.

16)  The progress of the students will be intimated to the parents from time to time and the parents are expected to respond to any call from the teachers / Headmistress / Principal.

17)  Private tuitions are strongly discouraged by the school authorities. In special cases the advice of the Principal should be sought.

18)  Parents and Guardians are requested to see that their servants who come to take their children to or from school or bring lunch, do not remain in the school premises any longer than necessary. Parents are also requested not to stand on the verandha when the classes are going on.

19)  All assignments shall be regularly completed and submitted.

20)  Inattentiveness, indifference and discourtesy or any act that may affect the discipline or tone of the school will be viewed seriously.

21)  The school premises will have to be kept neat and clean and all the waste materials must be deposited in  the wastepaper basket. No waste material should be thrown out through the windows.

22)  When the students move out of a class, they should be moving in lines only and they should always keep to the left.

23)  In the absence of the teacher, the Prefect will be in charge of the class and all the students should obey his/ her directions.

24)  Running around or playing around in classrooms, corridors, verandha or the courtyard is not allowed.

25)  Absence without leave from examination and the re-opening of the school after holiday will invite fine/ punishment.

26)  Continuous absence without permission for more than two weeks will render a student to be struck from the rolls and re-admission will be granted on a payment of Rs. 250/-

27)  The School shall not be held responsible in any way for any illness, injury, accidents or mishap to students.

28)  Those students who are coming on cycle are not allowed to move in groups. Also do not linger around to talk while on road.

    29)       The Principal may ask a Parent/Guardian to withdraw his/her ward if he finds the child does not fit in with the regulations of the school or is incapable of coping with the curriculum.

30)  Courtesy begets courtesy, please use the works ‘please’ and ‘Thank you’ as often as needed. Be polite, obliging and helpful to others. Do not hurt any one with your words or actions. Offer your seat to some one who needs it more than you, especially to girls and younger ones.

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